Lifestyle Junior Golf Tour

Lifestyle Junior Golf Tour

Posted 6/20/2018 5:33:13 PM
Tour Standings Updated

The Lifestyle Junior Golf Tour strives to create a competitive environment, building character and sportsmanship in its participants. Our tour includes boys and girls ages 8-19 in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

We endeavor to play the finest private and public facilities in our region. Targeting these courses and running top notch tournaments ensures growth in the game generally, the tour in our area specifically and other locations in which the Lifestyle brand is represented.

Currently the tournament schedule features eight summer events followed by a Tournament of Champions for all age group winners. The season ends with the Cup Match, a Ryder Cup-style, 12-on-12 event against the Meijer Golf Tour based in Michigan. Winners keep the Cup for one year and hold bragging rights in the border battle.

Now at 200 members, the tour is expected to reach 250-300 players in 2017 with support from Dan Whitney and the Lifestyle team.

2017 Information
1 yr ago
Check out the 2018 winter tournaments at the Blarney Hole. 2018 Summer schedule is being posted as we confirm dates with the courses. There are 7 scheduled so far If you have not registered for the tour...
Upcoming Events
Burke G.C. at Notre Dame
June 25
Christiana Creek Country Club
Elkhart, IN
Erskine G.C.
June 27
Erskine Golf Course
South Bend, IN
Built in 1925.In 1867 the club house was a barn and in 1925 they turned it into there exsisting clubhouse. The land was donated by ER Erskine who was the CEO of Studebaker. Arnold Palmer played an exhibition match at Erskine in 1961.
Blackthorn Golf Club
July 8
Blackthorn Golf Club
South Bend, IN
Blackthorn is the home of the LPGA Symetra Tour Championship. Sponsored by Four Winds Casino. When playing Blackthorn you feel like your in northern Michigan with all the rolling hills.
Harbor Shore Golf Club
July 9
Harbor Shores
Benton Harbor, MI
Harbor Shores is the home of the 2018 Senior PGA Championship. When Arnold Palmer still competed he would stop by daily to the legendary tavern called the North Shore Tavern, which is on hole 14 tee.
Latest Results
Meadow Valley Golf Club
June 20
Boys 16-19
Hoop. A (+3)
Kumfer. J (+3)
Campbell. P (+5)
Boys 14-15
Guipe. J (+4)
Pasqualone. A (+7)
Egan. S (+10)
Boys 12-13
Miller. B (+8)
Curtis. T (+14)
Heinisch. C (+14)
Boys 10-11
Haarer. S (-1)
Tabor. J (+4)
Bridwell. A (+18)
Boys 8-9
Haarer. L (-1)
Kropf. C (+12)
Keil. S (+30)
Girls 16-19
Brewster. A (+10)
Kloska. C (+11)
King. C (+16)
Girls 14-15
Schmeltz. M (+22)
Lippert. G (+27)
Glon. L (+47)
Girls 12-13
Wade. D (+16)
Winters. J (+20)
Dyer. K (+21)
Girls 10-11
Thomas. A (+12)
Bailey. O (+14)
Swain. K (+27)
McCormick Creek G.C.
June 13
Boys 16-19
Hermon. T (+6)
Eakins. J (+7)
Hoop. A (+8)
Boys 14-15
Guipe. J (+11)
MEYER. C (+11)
Pasqualone. A (+13)
Boys 12-13
Miller. B (+1)
Webb. S (+4)
Keil. B (+9)
Boys 10-11
Tabor. J (+9)
Goss. C (+25)
Bailey. G (+33)
Boys 8-9
Koontz. T (+17)
Morrison. T (+19)
Carlson. R (+24)
Girls 16-19
ODell. B (+4)
Weaver. M (+4)
Trippel. R (+11)
Girls 14-15
Goss. B (+17)
Keil. M (+21)
Winters. J (+28)
Girls 12-13
Dyer. K (+26)
Girls 10-11
Thomas. A (+4)
Bailey. O (+10)
Swain. K (+28)
South Bend Country Club
June 11
Boys 16-19
Roeder. J (+7)
Kumfer. J (+9)
Hahaj. R (+11)
Boys 14-15
Bosstick. T (+8)
Pasqualone. A (+9)
Guipe. J (+10)
Boys 12-13
Keil. B (+7)
Williams. E (+16)
fazi. w (+20)
Boys 10-11
Webb. S (-1)
Miller. B (+1)
Tabor. J (+20)
Boys 8-9
Morrison. T (+26)
Carlson. R (+26)
Girls 16-19
Li. L (+3)
King. C (+16)
Trippel. R (+17)
Girls 14-15
Schmeltz. M (+31)
Goss. B (+32)
Keil. M (+33)
Girls 12-13
Winters. J (+14)
Szklarek. S (+20)
Dyer. K (+38)
Girls 10-11
Thomas. A (+19)
Swain. K (+27)
Bailey. O (+28)